7. System of production of the fulfilled gases

General information about service of system of release

You make survey or repair of system of release only when system absolutely cold. Working under the car, be convinced that it is reliably established.

Muffler and pipes

The system of release consists of a final collector, mufflers and all connecting pipes, arms, suspension brackets and collars. The system of release by means of arms and rubber suspension brackets is fixed on a body.

If any parts are fixed incorrectly, then excess noise and vibration can be transferred to a body.

Regularly you examine system of release. Look for the damaged or curved parts, open seams, openings, weak connections, strong corrosion or other defects which allow the fulfilled gases to get into the car. Generally, worn-out components of system of release are not subject to satisfactory repair; they should be replaced.

If to connect components of system of release because of strong corrosion or a rust together, then can be required to cut off old components a hacksaw. Do not forget to use for protection of eyes against metal sawdust reliable points, and for protection of hands - gloves.

Some recommendations about repair of system of release are given below: