15. Heater and conditioner of air

The system of heating consists of the fan and the heat exchanger located in the heater case with the hoses connecting the heat exchanger to the engine cooling system, and the handle of control of the heater/air conditioning system on the dashboard. The hot cooler of the engine circulates through galleries of the heat exchanger in operating time of the engine. At inclusion of a heater the gate which directs air via the heat exchanger opens, and then warm air comes to interior of the car. The fan switch on the handle of management turns on the motor of the supercharger which strengthens the air stream passing through the heat exchanger, giving vent thus additional is warm, for example, for reduction of humidity in salon, etc.

The condenser installed before a radiator, the evaporator located in the neighbourhood with the heater heat exchanger, the compressor fixed on the engine block, the accumulator dehydrator which includes the safety valve of high pressure, and also fittings connecting among themselves all listed components is a part of the air conditioning system.

The fan of a heater banishes warm air from interior of the car via the evaporator heat exchanger (working by the principle, the return to work of a radiator) where there is a transfer of heat of air to system coolant. Liquid coolant at the same time begins to boil, evaporating low pressure, and takes away with itself warmth, leaving the evaporator.

Get acquainted with precautionary measures at the beginning of the Section Removal and installation of the control unit of the operating modes of a heater and the conditioner of air concerning the potential danger connected with operation of the air conditioning system.