15.9. Removal and installation of the evaporator

As work with system is potentially dangerous, we strongly recommend to provide all works connected with the air conditioning system, to dealer office of the BMW service or the specialist in conditioners. At least, do not remove any components of system (hoses, the compressor, nipple connections, etc.) to a full discharge of system the qualified specialist. Read about precautionary measures at the beginning of the Section Service of the Conditioner and Precautionary Measure.



  1. Make a discharge of the air conditioning system (see the Prevention above).
  2. Remove the covering panel on the parties of the central console (see the Head Kuzov).
  3. Disconnect an electric wire and remove the evaporator sensor.
  4. Uncover the evaporator and open refrigerator lines.
  5. Disconnect refrigerator lines from the evaporator.
  6. Take the evaporator from a casing.



  1. You make installation upside-down.
  2. Make depletion, charging and check of system on existence of leaks by means of the same qualified specialist who made its discharge.