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13.1. Removal and installation of a front grille

Removal and installation of a front grille

E28 models ("retro")


  1. Give screws and remove central and side parts of a lattice.
  2. You make installation upside-down.

E34 models (modern body)

Central lattice


  1. Give screws and uncover head headlights in a motive compartment to provide access.
  2. Give the screw and remove a plastic cover behind the central lattice to provide access to clips.
  1. From a motive compartment disconnect the fixing clips of finishing of the central lattice which are under casings of head headlights then push out a lattice forward.
  1. By means of the screw-driver wring out clips, disconnect assembly of a lattice and remove it, having pulled out directly outside.
  2. Establish the central lattice, having placed it into place and having pushed inside so that clips were latched.

Side lattice


  1. Remove the central lattice.
  1. Give screws and pull out a side lattice.
  1. You make installation upside-down.