13.2. Removal, installation and adjustment of a cowl

The cover of a cowl is quite heavy and it is inconvenient to remove and establish it - implementation of this procedure requires not less than two people.

Removal and installation


  1. Open a cowl. On some latest models, perhaps, it will be required to unbend plastic clips and to remove insulating laying to provide access to the socket of illumination of a cowl and hoses of a washer of a windshield. By means of the small screw-driver hook a plastic clip.

... take the holder.

  1. After that disconnect wires and hoses.
  1. Remove clips and pull out cowl emphasis fingers nippers.
  1. Prop up a cowl and pull out hinged fingers of loops.
  1. Ask the assistant to support a cowl cover on the one hand, and support it with another.
  1. Give a coupling bolt of fastening of loops to a cowl of you, then hold your party of a cowl while the assistant gives such bolt on the other hand.
  1. Remove a cowl. Place it in the safe place where it will not be dropped, previously having wrapped up rags not to damage paint.
  2. You make installation upside-down.


Adjustment of a cowl can be made after the holiday of bolts of loops of a cowl in order that it was flush with wings. On some models for access to bolts of loops can be required to remove side parts of a front grille.


  1. Move a cowl here and there or forward and back properly to level the provision of a cowl concerning wings in front. Reliably tighten bolts.
  1. Height of a back part of a cowl it is possible to adjust, having released bolts and having lifted or having lowered a latch. After adjustment reliably tighten bolts.
  1. Side adjustment of a cowl can be made if to weaken nuts of a bolt of a roller guide and to move a guide that it was reliably hooked with a latch.
  1. After adjustment screw in or unscrew cowl stoppers to hold it in new situation.
  1. Not to allow jamming of the mechanism of a cowl, it should be greased periodically.