13.6. Removal, installation and adjustment of a trunk lid / door of a back

Trunk lid


  1. Open a trunk lid and cover regions of the luggage compartment with rags to protect the painted surfaces at removal of a cover.
  2. Disconnect all cables and electric wires attached to a trunk lid which can interfere with removal of a cover.
  1. Lead round bolts of loops, having marked thus their situation.
  1. Ask the assistant to support a cover, then give bolts of fastening of loops to a cover on both sides and remove it.
  2. You make installation upside-down. Combine bolts of fastening of loops to a cover with the tags put at removal.
  3. After installation close a cover and make sure that it flush with the next panels of a body. Vertical and horizontal adjustment is made by movement of bolts of loops in their cuts. Release bolts of loops, displace a cover and tighten bolts.
  1. Height of the closed trunk lid in relation to the next panels of a body can be changed, having released lock bolts (are specified by shooters)...

... and/or the drummer (are specified by shooters), having displaced the drummer and/or the lock and having tightened bolts.

If the radio receiver on your car is equipped with system of protection against theft, make sure that you gathered the correct code before disconnecting a battery wire. Apply for information in the Section System of Protection of the Audio System from theft and language of an instrument guard before a wire detachment.

If after accession of a wire on your instrument guard there were inscriptions not in that language which is necessary to you, address the Section System of protection of the audio system against theft and language of an instrument guard where the procedure of installation of the necessary language is described.

Back door


  1. Disconnect a negative wire of the battery.
  1. Open a door of a back and cover the rear edge of a roof with rags to protect the painted surfaces at removal of a door of a back. Glass can be removed separately, having disconnected conducting and having given fixing screws - ask the assistant to hold glass while you release screws.
  1. Remove an internal covering from a back door. Where it is necessary, remove a covering on edge of a door for access to fastenings of an emphasis.
  1. Disconnect conducting and tubes of a washer. On some models, perhaps, it is required to pull out conducting from a back rack, and only then to disconnect the socket.
  1. Ask the assistant to support a back door in open situation and disconnect an emphasis on both sides, having given fixing screws. Where it is necessary, pull out a fixing pin or a spring clip and remove an emphasis from the hinge.
  1. Fastening of an emphasis on back doors.
  1. Removal of a fixing hairpin for a detachment of the lower part of an emphasis of a door of a back.
  1. Mark with a pencil position of levers of loops on a back door.
  1. Give screws and remove a back door from levers of loops. You will need a face key or capture.
  1. You make installation upside-down, but make sure that all tags put earlier coincided. Check a back door that it was closed precisely on the center between back racks and its lock worked correctly.