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1.1.7. System of protection of the audio system against theft and language of an instrument guard

General information

Some models are equipped with the audio system having a protective code. If to cut off a wire of food of such stereosystem, it will not work even if at once again to attach it. If your car is equipped with such system, do not disconnect a wire of the battery and do not remove a stereosystem, you will not dial special number of a code yet.

For fuller information on this audio system and its defensor address the User's guide the car.

Procedure of shutdown of system

Switch off the radio receiver. On the display the word "CODE" will appear.

Using buttons of setup of the receiver, enter a code from five figures. If you were mistaken at input of a code, continue to dial five digits. If you hear beep, immediately stop a set of a code and begin to enter it since the beginning.

You have three attempts to enter the correct code. If it is not entered from three attempts, you should wait within an hour at the switched-on radio receiver to repeat attempt.

If the code is entered correctly, the word "CODE" has to disappear from the display and radio has to continue to work (You have to adjust, however, it on the station).

If you lost or forgot number of the code, contact dealer office of the BMW service.

Language of the display of an instrument guard

On some latest models the detachment of the battery can lead to the fact that inscriptions on the display of an instrument guard will appear by default in German (it does not belong to models for Great Britain). If there is a need to reinstall language of an instrument guard after shutdown of the battery, make the following procedures. Close all doors and include ignition (do not start the engine), then press the control button until on the panel inscriptions in language necessary to you do not appear. It is possible to choose from eight offered languages. If you want to bypass any language, release the button of control and press it again - the display will pass to the following language. After the choice of the necessary language continue to hold the control button until on the display the inscription appears: "I.O. Version 2.0". Hold the control button further, the inscription "H.P. Version 3.4" will not appear yet, after that release the button.