1.1.1. Introduction

General characteristic


Models of the 5th E28 series were presented in October, 1981, and forced out in June, 1988 by the improved E34 models which modification of Touring was available for sale since March, 1992. In this manual of the E28 model also "retro" are called, and the E34 models are designated as "modern".

The models considered in this manual are equipped line four - and six-cylinder engines with the top arrangement of a cam-shaft. Early 518 models are equipped with carburetors, but on all other models systems of injection of fuel are installed. Transmissions are established either five-step manual, or three - or four-stage automatic. Transmission is located on a back part of the engine, and power is transferred to completely independent back bridge via the driveshaft, two-piece. The block of the main transfer is reliably attached by bolts to a cross beam of a frame and sets in motion back wheels by means of the power shafts equipped with the internal and external hinges of equal angular speeds (HEAS).

Forward suspension bracket - rack-mount, like McPherson, with the block of a twisted spring / shock-absorber making connection of the top part of a suspension bracket. The back suspension bracket consists of type racks a twisted spring on the shock-absorber or of a twisted spring and the ordinary shock-absorber, depending on model.

Forward brake mechanisms - disk, back - disk or drum, depending on model. The vacuum amplifier - the standard equipment on all models. Some latest models are equipped with the anti-blocking brake system (ABS).

All models are made with a big accuracy and quality, worthy reputations of BMW. Though many of the models presented in this manual at first sight look difficult, their operation will not cause difficulties.