plan cul

1.1.3. Working conditions and tools

Carrying out repair work requires the pure, well lit workplace which is equipped with a workbench and a vice. There has to be enough place to spread out details and to arrange them so that not to remove constantly. Work in well equipped room it gives pleasure, the car can be sorted and built again. Unfortunately, not everyone has such ideal workplace and therefore it is forced to improvise. Compensation of this shortcoming requires more time and accuracies.

The necessary component at repair is a complete set of the high-quality tool. Quality here the major requirement as the cheap tool can become very expensive because it comes off and destroys at the same time expensive details. The good high-quality tool can be used long time and compensates eventually costs of its acquisition. The basis of tool kit is made by a set of wrenches which can be established on any well available place. A set of cap keys - excellent addition to the previous set, especially in case of strong sitting bolts and nuts or at a lack of the place. For reduction of expenses it is possible to use also a set of the combined keys on which one end there is a usual rozhkovy key, and on another a cap key of the same size. In the drawing it is shown below how these keys look.

Appearance usual (above) and the combined keys (below).

Also the set of face heads will be required. With their help it is possible to weaken bolts and nuts with deep landing. The following necessary item is a set of cross screw-drivers, nippers and the hammer. In addition to a basic set it is possible to add several special tools which in most cases give invaluable help, especially if certain works are required to be performed quite often. It saves a large number of time. It is possible to mention an impact driver without which weakening of industrially tightened cross bolts is hardly possible as an example, without having damaged them. Certainly it can be used for an inhaling of tight connections. Nippers are also often necessary for lock rings which fixed transmission gear wheels, shaft and similar details, and to remove with the ordinary screw-driver lock rings quite difficult. There are two types of nippers for lock rings, one for external rings, others for internal. They have direct or curved captures. One of the most useful tools is the dynamometer key, one of types of keys which can be adjusted so that it will be freely turned at achievement of a certain moment of an inhaling. There are similar keys with the arrow indicator which indicates the reached inhaling moment. The moments of an inhaling are specified in any modern repair manual so complex groups of elements, for example, a head of cylinders can drag on without threat of damage owing to a banner.

The car model is more modern, the bigger number of tools is required for maintenance of the car in a state ready for operation. Unfortunately, some specific works cannot be performed without use of the special equipment and which can strongly undermine your budget if not to charge them to experts. There are also simple works which are the best of all for charging to experts too. In spite of the fact that the universal measuring device gives significant assistance, in inept hands it can lead to large damages of electric equipment.

Though in this manual it is shown how it is possible to perform various works without special tool (when its use is not obligatory), nevertheless it is better to work with the special tool. It especially should be done if the car has a big run. Various details can be removed and established by also improvised methods and tools without danger of their damage. However use of the special tool ordered by firm anyway will save a lot of time and nerves.