3. Cooling system

General information

Engine cooling system

All models described in this manual are equipped with cooling systems with the excessive pressure in which control of circulation of a cooler is exercised by means of the thermostat.

The water pump of bladed type installed on the forward side of the block of cylinders provides circulation of a cooler on the engine. The stream of a cooler washes everyone their cylinders and goes to a back part of the engine. The cooling galleries cast in the block send a cooler stream around ports of the inlet pipeline and a final collector, to areas of installation of spark plugs and the directing plugs of final valves.

The thermostat with a firm wax filler is built in the lower hose on M10 engines, placed in a casing by a forward part of the engine on M20 and M30 engines, or behind a knee under the top cover of a distributive belt (on the forward party of a head of cylinders) on M40 engines. During an engine warming up the closed thermostat prevents circulation of a cooler through a radiator. When temperature of the engine approaches normal working value, the thermostat opens and allows a hot cooler to circulate through a radiator where it is cooled and comes back in the engine.

Pressure in the cooling system raises a boiling point of a cooler and increases overall performance of a radiator. Sealing of system is provided with a special tight cover. If pressure in system reaches a certain value, it influences the spring valve in a cover which opens and allows surplus of a cooler to follow through an overflow pipe.

The tight cover on models with four-cylinder engines is located on the top party of a radiator; on six-cylinder engines it is in the top part of a transparent plastic broad tank. Indicators of tightness of a cover are specified on the cover. Usually they make 1.0 bars or 1.2 bars.

Do not remove a germetichnuyukryshka from a radiator or a broad tank before full cooling of the engine and full dumping of pressure in the cooling system. Removal of a cover at the hot engine can lead to severe burns.