3.7. Removal and installation of the water pump

Before work the engine has to cool down completely.

If the radio receiver of your car is equipped with system of protection against theft, make sure that you gathered the correct code before a battery detachment.

If after connection of the battery of an inscription on an instrument guard appeared not in that language, address the Section System of Protection of the Audio System from theft and language of an instrument guard where the procedure of installation of the necessary language is described.



  1. Disconnect a negative wire of the battery.
  2. Merge the cooling system (see the Head Routine maintenance of the car). If a cooler rather new or in good shape, keep it that then to use.
  3. Remove a cooling fan casing (see the Section Work Check, removal and installation of the fan of cooling of the engine and coupling of its drive).
  4. Take off driving belts (see the Head Routine maintenance of the car).
  5. Where they are available, weaken collars and disconnect hoses from the water pump. If they stuck, take each hose at the end flat-nose pliers for the water pump, softly turn to break sealant, then remove. If hoses old or worn-out, cut off them and replace new.
  6. Remove assembly of the fan and coupling, and also a pulley on the end of a shaft of the water pump (see the Section Work Check, removal and installation of the fan of cooling of the engine and coupling of its drive).
  7. To remove the water pump, follow the procedure corresponding to your type of the engine.

M10 engines

Give seven bolts (are specified by shooters), and remove the water pump.

M20 engines


  1. Uncover the distributor of ignition and VV of a wire, the runner of ignition and a dustproof guard (see the Head Routine maintenance of the car).
  2. Where it is provided, remove the distributive sensor (see the Head Sistem of ignition).
  3. Remove the top cover of a distributive belt (see the Part the Repair work which is carried out without extraction of the engine from the car).
  1. Weaken all three fixing bolts of the water pump. Give the top and right bolts, but DO NOT GIVE the lower bolt.
  1. Unscrew the pump down and remove a spring and a pin of a natyazhitel of a driving belt.
  2. Give the last bolt of fastening of the water pump and remove the pump.

Leave a bolt of a natyazhitel strong tightened. Be careful not to shift a cam-shaft asterisk since if valves start moving, it can lead to serious damages.

M40 engines

Give fixing bolts and remove the water pump. If the pump stuck to a head of cylinders, insert two bolts into special ears in the top and lower part of the pump and evenly tighten them to take the pump of their head.



  1. Clear carvings and openings of bolts of the engine to remove traces of corrosion and sealant.
  2. Compare the new pump with old to make sure that they are identical.
  3. Remove all traces of material of old laying from the engine by means of a special scraper.
  4. Clear the interfaced surfaces of the water pump.
  1. On M40 engines install a new sealing ring on the pump.
  1. Install new laying on the pump and put forward the pump to the engine up.
  1. Insert couple of bolts into fixing openings of the pump to hold laying on the place.
  2. Accurately fix the pump with laying on the engine, having tightened bolts a hand.

On M20 engines tighten a hand the lower bolt, then turn the water pump into place and establish a spring and a pin of a natyazhitel of a driving belt.

  1. Establish other bolts (if they hold also an auxiliary arm, make sure that it is already established into place by this time). Tighten them with the required effort gradually, on a quarter of a turn for once. Do not draw them since at the same time it is possible to deform the pump.
  2. Install all components removed earlier for ensuring access to the pump.
  3. Fill the cooling system and check a tension of a driving belt (see the Head Routine maintenance of the car). Start the engine and check whether there are no leaks.