3.6. Check of operation of the water pump

The failure of the water pump can serve as the reason of serious damages of the engine as a result of its overheat.

There are two ways of check of operation of the water pump without its removal from the engine. If as a result of one of them the pump is found faulty, it should be replaced with new.

Water pumps are usually equipped with air vents. In case of violation of tightness of an epiploon of the pump from this opening liquid will begin to exude. In most cases, to find this opening from the lower party of the pump for identification of signs of leak, you should use a small lamp.

On malfunction of bearings of the water pump usually specifies a scratch in a forward part of the engine during its work. A sign of wear of a shaft of the pump is the pulley beating up and down (at the taken-off driving belt). Do not mix the scratch published by the sliping driving belt with the scratch which is a sign of wear of bearings of the pump. Wear of bearings of the generator can too will serve as the reason of the creaking sound, but after removal of driving belts it is rather easy to define a difference.