2.1.1. General information

The repair work which is carried out without extraction of the engine from the car

General information

Four - and the six-cylinder engines with one camshaft of the top arrangement described in this manual are very similar on a design. Where between them there are distinctions, it will be specified them.

Means by means of which camshafts of the top arrangement are set in motion differ depending on engine type; on M10 and M30 engines the distributive chain while on M20 and M40 engines the distributive belt is established is used.

Many serious repair work can be performed, without taking the engine from the car.

Before any work make cleaning of a motive compartment and the external surfaces of the engine with use of any degreaser. It will significantly simplify implementation of the forthcoming procedures and will reduce risk of entering of dirt in the engine.

Depending on components with which you are going to work for ensuring the best access to the engine during repair there can be useful a removal of a cowl (if necessary see the Head Kuzov). In order to avoid damage of the painted surfaces cover car wings with special covers, or if they are absent, then blankets or covers will approach.

If because of the found leak of oil, vacuum, the fulfilled gases or a cooler there is a need of replacement of laying or epiploons, repair can be generally made without extraction of the engine from the car. At the same time there is a sufficient access to laying of the inlet pipeline and a final collector, the case pallet, epiploons of a bent shaft and head of cylinders.

With the engine installed on the car for repair such external components as the inlet pipeline and a final collector, the case pallet, oil and water pumps, a starter, the generator, the distributor and components of fuel system freely can be removed.

Removal of a head of cylinders does not demand extraction of the engine. The easiest to make maintenance of the camshaft, yokes and other components of the valvate mechanism at the removed head of cylinders; these procedures are described in appropriate section. However pay attention that on the M40 engine the cam-shaft can be removed without extraction of the engine as it is kept by covers of bearings.

In emergency situations, such as, in the absence of the necessary equipment, without extraction of the engine also such works as repair or replacement of piston rings, pistons, rods and bearings of the lower heads of rods can be performed. However this practice is not recommended since big preparatory work and careful cleaning of all involved components have to precede it.