2.1.4. Removal and installation of the inlet pipeline


Let's the engine cool down completely, then dump pressure in fuel system for engines with system of injection of fuel (see the Head the Power supply system).

Disconnect a negative wire of the battery.

If the radio receiver of your car is equipped with system of protection against theft, make sure that you gathered the correct code before a battery detachment.

If after connection of the battery of an inscription on an instrument guard appeared not in that language, address the Section System of Protection of the Audio System from theft and language of an instrument guard where the procedure of installation of the necessary language is described.


  1. Merge an engine cooler (see the Head Routine maintenance of the car) up to one level lower than the inlet pipeline. If a cooler in good shape, it it is possible to use again.
  2. On engines with system of injection of fuel weaken a collar of a hose and disconnect a big inlet air hose from the case of a butterfly valve. It is possible that it will be required to remove all assembly of the air cleaner / an inlet hose to make more room for work (cm the Head the Power supply system).
  3. On engines of carburetor type completely remove assembly of the air cleaner (see the Head the Power supply system).
  4. Disconnect cooling system hoses from the case of the throttle gate / the inlet pipeline that is provided.
  5. Disconnect a cable of a butterfly valve and if it is provided, a cable of the drive of a tempostat (see the Head the Power supply system).
  6. Remove the valve and the line of system of recirculation of the fulfilled gases where it is provided (see the Head of the Control system of the engine and decrease in toxicity of the fulfilled gases).
  1. At this stage on M40 engines it is necessary to remove the top part of the inlet pipeline, having given bolts and nuts. Remove laying.
  1. On engines with system of injection of fuel disconnect a vacuum hose from the regulator of pressure of fuel and disconnect electric sockets from fuel nozzles (see the Head the Power supply system).
  1. Disconnect lines of supply of fuel from the fuel highway or the carburetor that is provided (see the Head the Power supply system).
  1. On M40 engines to an otboltita also remove a basic bracket from the lower part of the inlet pipeline.
  2. Disconnect all remained hoses and wires between assembly of the inlet pipeline / case of a butterfly valve and the engine or the chassis.
  3. Give bolts and/or nuts of fastening of the pipeline to a head of cylinders by means of a replaceable head, a ratchet and a long collar (M20 engines).
  4. Begin with the ends and move to the middle, releasing each nut in turn gradually, trying to obtain that they could be given a hand. At removal of fixture support the pipeline that it did not fall.

The pipeline can be removed, without removing the case of a butterfly valve, nozzles, vacuum / thermal valves, the regulator of pressure of fuel or the carburetor. If you install the new pipeline, transfer all these components (see the Head the Power supply system) to the new pipeline before its installation on a head of cylinders.

  1. Move the pipeline up and down to destroy laying sealant, then remove it from a head and after that remove laying.



  1. Remove old laying, then carefully scratch out all traces of material of old laying from the interfaced surfaces of the pipeline and a head. Be very careful not to damage and to scratch soft aluminum surfaces. On sale there are special solvents for removal of laying. Make sure that surfaces absolutely pure and are fat-free.
  2. Check the pipeline for existence of traces of corrosion (where there passes the cooler), cracks, deformations and other damages. Cracks and deformations usually appear near the surface of laying, around openings for screws of adjustment of a gap. If similar defects are found, give the pipeline to repair (or replace if necessary).
  3. At installation of the pipeline always use new laying. Where one party of laying has a graphite surface, it has to be turned to a head of cylinders.
  4. Spread nuts and bolts and tighten them gradually, beginning from the center and moving by the ends, trying to obtain the required effort.
  5. You make the rest of the procedure of installation as it should be, the return to removal. On M40 engines replace laying between the top and lower parts of the pipeline.