2.1.12. Removal and installation of the pallet of a case


  1. Merge motive oil (see the Head Routine maintenance of the car).
  2. Front of the car and reliably establish to Poddomkratta it on axial support.
  3. Remove mudguards from under the engine.
  1. Disconnect the hoses attached to the pallet where they are provided and take them aside to provide access to pallet bolts.
  1. Disconnect the electric socket of the sensor of level of oil to the left of the engine, near a fixing bracket of the steering pump where that is provided.
  1. Give four bolts of a cover (are specified by shooters) and...

... remove the cast aluminum cover closing a back part of the pallet if it is provided.

  1. On models with M40 engines to an otboltita also remove the lower part of the pallet and remove laying (it is necessary for ensuring access to forward fixing bolts).
  1. Give a fixing bolt and pull out an oil level measuring instrument tube from the pallet.
  1. Check a condition of a sealing ring and if necessary replace it.
  2. On models with the M40 engine give nuts of fastening of the engine on both sides. Then install the suitable winch and raise the engine so that it was possible to remove the pallet. For reasons of safety place axial support or wooden whetstones under the engine.
  1. Give bolts of fastening of the pallet to the block of cylinders and forward/back to covers. On a photo it is shown for the six-cylinder engine.
  1. Tap the pallet the hammer with soft brisk to break laying sealant, and remove the pallet from the engine.
  2. By means of a special scraper scratch out all traces of material of old laying from the block of cylinders, covers of a distributive chain, a casing of the main back epiploon and from the pallet. Be especially careful not to scratch the sealing surfaces of laying of a cover of a distributive chain and a casing of an epiploon (they are made of aluminum therefore are quite soft).
  3. Clear the pallet by means of solvent and properly dry up it. Check the sealing surfaces of laying for existence of deformations. Remove all remains of dirt with interfaced to the pallet and the engine of surfaces of laying by the rag moistened in suitable solvent.
  4. Before installation of the pallet apply a little RTV sealant on the surfaces of interface of forward and back covers to the block of cylinders. Install new laying of the pallet on the block. If necessary apply a little more sealant to hold laying on the place.
  5. Carefully install the pallet on the place (trying not to displace laying) and spread bolts. Tighten bolts with the required effort serially, since bolts, the next to the center of the pallet, and moving on diagonals. Do not draw them since it can cause oil leak.
  6. Carry out the rest of the procedure of installation as it should be, the return to removal. Establish new laying on the lower part of the pallet on models with M40 engines.
  7. In conclusion fill in in the engine fresh oil (The head Routine maintenance of the car). Start the engine and check whether there are no leaks through laying of the pallet or other components.