6.1. General information

General information

Several systems of decrease in toxicity of the fulfilled gases are applied to prevention of pollution of the atmosphere because of incomplete combustion or evaporation of fuel and to maintenance of high road performance and economy of fuel in these cars. Not all from these systems are established on all models, however, they include:

Sections of this Chapter include the general descriptions and procedures of checks within opportunities of a house workshop, also as well as procedures of replacement of components (where it is possible) for all listed above systems.

Before the assumption of malfunction of system of decrease in toxicity, carefully check fuel system and system of ignition. Diagnostics of some devices of system of decrease in toxicity needs special tools, the equipment and preparation. If check and service become too difficult or if the procedure appears outside your opportunities, consult at the dealer or other expert.

Leak in a vacuum hose and weakening of a wire therefore always first of all check connections of hoses and wires is the most frequent reason of problems in system of decrease in toxicity.

It, however, does not mean that it is especially difficult to serve and repair system of decrease in toxicity. You can quickly and easily execute many checks and to make the most part of periodic service of the house ordinary devices and hand tools.

Draw close attention to any special precautionary measures given in this Chapter. It should be noted that illustrations of various systems can correspond not absolutely precisely to the systems installed on your car as in the course of production the manufacturer makes changes.