6.5. System of ventilation of a case (PCV)

The system of ventilation of a case (PCV) reduces contents of carbohydrates in the fulfilled gases due to removal of crankcase vapors. It is carried out by means of circulation of the gases which broke in a case and the direction them via the air cleaner in the inlet pipeline.

Such PCV system is isolated. The gases which broke in a case come to the air cleaner or an air inlet at the expense of pressure in a case. On the majority of models mixing of gases with fresh air or passing of gases through the burning-up trap as it becomes in usual systems is not applied. On these models it is not installed ordinary PCV valves - just hoses. Disconnect PCV hose from a cover of a head of cylinders.

The main components of the PCV system are hoses which connect a cover of a head of cylinders and the case of a throttle or the air cleaner. If there are abnormal working conditions (such as problems with piston rings), the system is calculated on sending excess amount of the broken gases on the pipeline of ventilation of a case to system of an admission that gases were used in normal process of combustion. It is expedient to check surplus of products of burning from the crankcase gases circulating on hoses and unions - they can periodically cork system and cause increase in the block of cylinders of pressure

As in these models the filtering element is not used, it is expedient to check channels of the PCV system for a blockage slime and products of combustion.