13.5. Removal, installation and adjustment of a door



  1. Remove the panel of a covering of doors (see the Section Removal and installation of the panel of an internal covering of doors). Disconnect all electric sockets and push them in a door opening that they did not prevent removal of a door.
  2. Prop up a door a jack on wheels or an axial support, it is possible to ask the assistant to support a door during return of bolts of loops.

When using a jack or support enclose a piece of rags under a door to protect the painted surfaces.

  1. Lead round a marker or a chertilka door loops.
  1. Disconnect a control loop of a door, having hooked a lock ring since the end of a pin, then pull out a pin. On some models the cylindrical pin is established; it is taken with the help a small beard with a thin sting.
  1. Give nuts of fastening of loops to a door and accurately remove a door from loops.

Installation and adjustment


  1. You make installation upside-down.
  2. After installation of a door check, how exactly it costs and if necessary adjust it in the following order:
    • Vertical and horizontal adjustment is made after the holiday of nuts of fastening of loops to a body by movement of doors as necessary.
    • The drummer of the lock of a door can also be adjusted both vertically, and it is horizontal to provide reliable gearing with the lock mechanism. Fixing bolts are for this purpose released and the drummer moves as necessary.