11.3.4. Removal and installation of back longitudinal levers



  1. To release bolts of fastening of wheels, then block forward wheels. A back of the car and reliably establish to Poddomkratta it on axial support. Remove a wheel (wheels).
  2. Remove a power shaft (see the Head the Transmission line).
  1. Disconnect a back brake hose (the left arrow) from the metal brake line (the right arrow) on an arm of the longitudinal lever.

For obtaining instructions on a detachment of brake hoses from metal lines address the Head the Brake system. Stop up the line and a hose not to allow hit in them of dirt and losses of brake fluid.

  1. Disconnect a cable of the parking brake from the driving mechanism and remove cable clips from the longitudinal lever (see the Head the Brake system).
  2. Remove the wheel sensor of the ABS system (if it is available) from the longitudinal lever and unfasten conducting of the sensor from the lever. Place the sensor aside not to damage it during removal of the longitudinal lever.
  3. If you remove the right longitudinal lever, disconnect the socket of the sensor of wear of brake shoes if it is available.
  4. Disconnect a back bar of the stabilizer from the longitudinal lever (see the Section Removal and installation of a bar of the back stabilizer).
  1. On models since 1983 of release give one of bolts of fastening of the longitudinal lever to the bearing back axis (does not matter what - one of them holds a link on the longitudinal lever, another - a link on the bearing axis)
  1. Give the lower fixing bolt of the shock-absorber (see the Section Removal and installation of assembly of the back shock-absorber and a twisted spring).
  2. Give two hinged bolts of the longitudinal lever with nuts and remove the longitudinal lever from the car.
  3. Examine plugs of hinged bolts. If they have cracks, dried or tore, carry the longitudinal lever in a workshop and install new plugs. The internal end of the plug is longer on the one hand. Make sure that plugs are installed by the long party to the center of the car.



  1. You make installation upside-down. At first establish an internal hinged bolt. Do not tighten a nut on hinged bolts or on the shock-absorber up to the end at once.
  2. Pump over the brake system as it is described in the Head the Brake system.
  3. Prop up the longitudinal lever a jack on wheels and lift it up to the normal working height, then tighten nuts and bolts with the required effort.