11.2. Forward suspension bracket

General information

Components of a forward suspension bracket and system of steering (it is shown for models with left-side management)

1 — the Stretcher
2 — a stabilizer Bar
3 — a stabilizer bar Link
4 — the Central steering draft
5 — External steering draft

6 — the Tip of steering draft
7 — the Rotary lever
8 — the suspension bracket Lever
9 — the Basic lever
10 — the Rack

Every time during the easing or removal of any fasteners of a suspension bracket or system of steering them should be checked and if necessary to replace, and these details have to be or the same number, as replaced, or not different from them on quality and design. All fasteners need to be tightened with the required effort, for the correct assembly and safety of components. All bent or damaged details have to be replaced.

Forward suspension bracket - rack-mount, like McPherson. Racks are attached by the top ends to the strengthened platforms in the top part of wheel arches, and the lower ends - to rotary levers / levers of a suspension bracket. The bar of the stabilizer fastens to the lower part of a body.