11.2.4. Removal and installation of assembly of a rack of a forward suspension bracket


Though assemblies of racks of a suspension bracket not always fail at the same time, replace left and right are resistant in couple to prevent possible violations of controllability or the course of the car.


  1. Release, but do not remove bolts of fastening of forward wheels.
  2. Front of the car and reliably establish to Poddomkratta it on axial support.
  3. Remove a forward wheel.
  4. Disconnect all brake hoses and electric wires going to the suspension bracket rack case.
  5. Disconnect electric sockets from the ABS system if that is available.
  6. If you remove the left rack, disconnect the electric socket from the sensor of wear of brake shoes.
  7. Give a bolt of fastening of the wheel ABS sensor if it is available. Remove a brake disk (see the Head the Brake system).
  1. Give these three bolts (are specified by shooters), and remove a mudguard of the brake mechanism.
  1. Disconnect a stabilizer bar link from the rack case (see the Section Removal and installation of the forward stabilizer).
  2. Give bolts of fastening of the rotary lever to the rack case.
  3. Pull out the lower part of the case of a rack so to provide access to the end of the rotary lever.
  1. Prop up a rack and give three fixing nuts in the top part of the rack located in a motive compartment then remove a rack.
  1. Remove assembly of a rack. If it is necessary to replace a rack (or the boss of the shock-absorber), see the Section Replacement of a Rack or Shock-absorber / a twisted spring.


You make installation upside-down. Make sure that the uvula on the rotary lever coincides with dredging in the rack case.

BMW recommends to use special lubricant for a carving on bolts of fastening of the rotary lever. For all models tighten fixture with the required effort.

Upon termination of work check the angles of installation of forward wheels in dealer office of service or auto repair shop, and if necessary adjust them.