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11.3.5. Replacement of bearings of back wheels


  1. Block forward wheels, then a back of the car and reliably establish to a poddomkratta it on axial support. Disconnect the external hinge of equal angular speeds from a drive flange (see the Head the Transmission line). Support the external end of a power shaft by a piece of a wire - do not allow it to hang since it can damage the internal hinge of equal angular speeds.
  1. Take a lock level which holds a drive flange nut. Having hooked the lever edge of a lock level, pull out it by means of couple of nippers.
  1. Lower the car on the earth and release a drive flange nut, but do not remove it yet. You will need long scrap.

Do not try to release this nut when the car costs on axial support. The effort necessary for a holiday of this nut can dump the car from support.

  1. Release bolts of fastening of back wheels, a poddomkratta a car back again, reliably establish it on axial support and remove a wheel.
  2. Remove a brake support and a brake disk (see the Head the Brake system). Suspend a support on a piece to a wire that it did not prevent work.
  1. Give a drive flange nut. By means of a suitable stripper remove a drive flange.
  1. By means of a kiyanka beat out a rotary pin from the bearing. If the internal holder of the bearing is removed together with a rotary pin (it often happens), use a stripper to remove a holder from a pin. If she does not act even a stripper, carry a pin in a workshop and its vypressuyta from a holder.
  1. Take the big lock ring holding the bearing to its case.

... then by means of a big replaceable head or a suitable piece of a pipe pull out the bearing from the case.

  1. Installation in the basic repeats the procedure of removal upside-down, but remember the following:
    • Install the new bearing by means of a big replaceable head or a suitable piece of a pipe with the outer diameter corresponding to diameter of an external holder of the bearing. Do not press an internal holder. Make sure that the bearing rose on the place against the stop. Establish a lock ring and be convinced that it correctly costs in a flute
    • Dealers of BMW use special devices (No. No. 23 1 1300, 33 4 080 and 33 4 020) for installation of a rotary pin in the bearing since the smooth piece of a rotary pin between a flange and its shlitsevy piece usually впрессован and beats out an internal holder of the bearing at installation of a pin. You, however, can establish a pin and without these devices, using only an old internal holder and a piece of a pipe 13 mm long with an internal diameter of 38 mm.
    • At first insert a rotary pin into the new bearing so that the piece with a carving seemed from an internal holder. Spread a nut and tighten it until shlitsevy the piece of a pin rests against a nut. You should hold a pin flange the lever or the big screw-driver during tightening of a nut.
    • Give a nut, establish your piece of a pipe centered on an internal holder, spread a nut and again tighten it until it rests against vents.
    • Remove a nut, establish an old internal holder, spread a nut and again tighten it against the stop in vents. Give a nut, remove an old holder, establish a piece of a pipe, again establish an old holder, spread a nut and tighten it against the stop in vents. Remove a nut, an old holder and a pipe. Establish a drive flange, spread a nut and reliably tighten it, but do not try to tighten it up to the end until the car is lowered on the earth.
    • Establish a wheel and lower the car on the earth before tightening a nut of a rotary pin with the required effort.
  1. Other part of installation is made as it should be, the return to removal.