8.1. General information

General information

The models equipped with RT are equipped with coupling of diaphragm type with the hydraulic drive. The clutch plate is clamped between a press disk of diaphragm type and a flywheel of the engine pressure created by a spring. The Shlitsevy nave of a clutch plate rotates on entrance to a transmission shaft; the cover of a press disk is attached by bolts to an engine flywheel.

When squeezing a pedal of coupling in the main cylinder the liquid pressure which forces out a pusher from the executive cylinder is created, setting the lever of inclusion and the release bearing in motion. As the release bearing presses petals of a press disk, pressure upon a clutch plate weakens, disconnecting thereby the engine from transmission.

On the models described in this manual two various types of clutch plates, depending on flywheel type are applied. On models with a usual flywheel of disk type the clutch plate has the integral spring and damping springs. Spring springs - located between frictional surfaces of a disk - soften blow at coupling inclusion; the damping springs - help to extinguish an engine pulsation at rotation. On models with the flywheels consisting their two parts, the damping springs are built in a flywheel.