8.3. Removal and installation of the main cylinder of coupling

Hydraulic liquid is poisonous. It also well dissolves paint. Be careful, do not allow hit of liquid on open parts of the body or in eyes. You hold near at hand rags for collecting spilled liquid, and in case of hit it on the painted surfaces immediately wash away liquid plentiful amount of cold water.



  1. Uncover the tank with brake fluid (for models with left-side management) or the tank with hydraulic liquid of coupling (for models with right-hand management) and by means of the syringe remove liquid from the tank. On models with left-side management the level of liquid has to be lower than connection of the brake line with the main cylinder.
  2. On models with right-hand management disconnect a hydraulic hose from the lower part of the tank and merge the remained liquid.
  3. Give a connecting nut and disconnect the union of the hydraulic line of coupling from a forward part of the main cylinder.
  1. Working under the dashboard, remove the lower panel of a covering from the driver (see the Head Kuzov). Give a bolt of fastening of a pusher of the main cylinder of coupling to a coupling pedal.
  1. Give two bolts of fastening of the main cylinder to a coupling pedal arm, disconnect a hydraulic hose from the top part of the main cylinder and remove the main cylinder. You keep in readiness rags for collecting spilled liquid.



  1. Installation in the basic repeats the procedure of removal upside-down. Where it is provided, track that the nadtsentrovy spring of a helper correctly rose in a guide. Do not forget to tighten fixing bolts of the main cylinder with the required effort. Reliably tighten a connecting nut of the hydraulic line of coupling.
  2. Check adjustment of a pedal of coupling (see the Section Adjustment of a Pedal of Coupling). Where it is provided, also check adjustment of the switch of coupling (see the Section Check of Work and Replacement of the Switch of Coupling (where it is provided)).
  3. Fill the tank with fresh hydraulic liquid and pump over system of coupling (see the Section Pumping of Hydraulic System of Coupling).