8.5. Check of work and replacement of the switch of coupling (where it is provided)

The coupling switch located in the top part of a pedal of coupling prevents start of the engine at not squeezed out pedal. The switch which is a part of a chain of a starter in normal situation will be opened. When squeeze out a coupling pedal, it presses on a small pusher in the switch, closes a chain and includes a starter.

If the engine of the car is started without pressing a coupling pedal, it means that the switch either is faulty, or is incorrectly adjusted. To check its work, disconnect the electric socket and connect an ohmmeter to socket plugs. The chain has to be not closed at the released pedal (a pedal above) and is closed at the squeezed-out pedal. If the switch does not work thus, try to adjust it. If it does not work well, replace it.