8.4. Adjustment of a pedal of coupling

Hydraulic systems of coupling are self-regulating therefore initially correctly adjusted pedal of coupling should not be disadjusted. However height of a pedal of coupling should be checked at installation of the new main cylinder of coupling to provide the correct initial adjustment.


  1. Measure distance from the bottom rear edge of an overlay of a pedal of coupling to a partition (size A) and compare the received result to the size specified in the Size table and adjusting data at the end of the Management.
  1. If the result of comparison is unsatisfactory, weaken a nut and a bolt of a pusher. This bolt is eccentric; its rotation changes distance from a pedal to a partition. When this distance reaches the necessary size, tighten a nut and a bolt. Where on an eccentric bolt there is a tag, it should be established opposite to the main cylinder as a starting point.
  2. On some models there is also adjustable pusher of the main cylinder. If the pedal cannot be adjusted rotation of an eccentric bolt, release a lock-nut of a pusher and turn a pusher until the distance between a pedal and a partition does not reach required value then reliably tighten a lock-nut.

Do not twist a pusher up to the end. It can lead to the fact that the lock-nut will get stuck in a coupling pedal in operating time that, in turn, will lead to breakage of a pusher. If all of you changed pusher length, do not forget to check a lock-nut gap before squeezing of a pedal of coupling. Besides, do not draw a pusher lock-nut. If to strip a thread, the main cylinder can get stuck that will cause failure of the system of coupling.