11.1.4. Survey, removal and installation of the steering drive



  1. The car and reliably establish to Poddomkratta it on axial support.
  2. Strong take each of forward wheels from above and from below, then in front and behind, and check, is not present or a side play in the steering drive, having shaken a wheel back and forth. In hinges of the drive there should not be a side play, it is allowed only very small. Examine a steering bipod, the pendular lever, average steering draft, internal steering drafts, tips of drafts and rotary levers on existence of damages. Try to part details of the steering drive in the parties from each other. Between them there should be no side play. If any details are bent or damaged or if hinges are worn-out, replace these details.



  1. Before dismantling of the steering drive get the suitable tool for removal of spherical hinges. The stripper with two captures or the wedge-shaped tool will approach (though this tool can damage protective covers of hinges). Sometimes it is possible to take the pointed hinge finger from a nest, striking a reverse side of a nest consecutive with two big hammers, but for this purpose there is not always enough place, and besides the finger often gets stuck in a nest because of a rust and dirt. At the same time there is also a danger to damage a component.
  1. To remove external steering drafts, disconnect tips of steering drafts from rotary levers (see the Section Removal and installation of tips of steering drafts). Give a nut of fastening of the hinge on an internal tip of each of external steering thirsts for average steering draft. By means of the tool for removal of spherical hinges disconnect external steering drafts from average draft. If you replace the hinge on one of the ends of external steering drafts, apply with tag paint on a carving that at assembly to establish them in the same situation.
  1. To remove average steering draft, give nuts of fastening of hinges of average thirst for a steering bipod and the pendular lever, and by means of the tool for removal of spherical hinges disconnect hinges from both levers.
  2. To remove a steering bipod, you should remove at first the steering mechanism (see the Section Removal and installation of the steering mechanism). Look for tags of combination of a shaft with a bipod. If there are no those, apply them on the lower parts of both details. Give a coupling bolt and a nut of a steering bipod, then by means of a stripper remove a bipod.
  1. To remove the pendular lever, at first remove the small cover attached by bolts to the top part of a cross beam of a stretcher. Establish a wrench on a bolt and give the nut drowned in the lower part of a cross beam. Check whether the rubber plug of the pendular lever is worn-out. If it is worn-out or damaged, replace it.
  1. Check each hinge whether there is no too big side play, whether he jams during the work, and also whether the dustproof rubber cover is damaged it. Replace all damaged or worn-out hinges. Internal and external tips of external steering drafts can be replaced separately; if any hinge of average steering draft is damaged or worn-out, it is necessary to replace all average draft.


You make installation upside-down, remembering the following:


  1. Combine tags on a steering bipod and to a shaft of the steering mechanism at assembly.
  2. If you replace internal and external tips of external steering drafts, establish them so that earlier put tags were combined, and make sure that they equal length on both sides.
  3. Establish fingers of hinges of tips of steering drafts on external drafts at an angle 90 ° to each other.
  4. Make sure that after installation of length of the right and left external steering drafts are equal.
  5. Tighten all fixing bolts with the required effort.
  6. Upon completion of assembly of the steering drive check the angles of installation of forward wheels and if necessary adjust them.