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11.1.9. General information on wheels and tires

Apply for further information on care of tires to the Head Routine maintenance of the car.

All cars described in this manual are initially equipped with the radial tires strengthened by a steel tape. Use of other sizes or types of tires can affect the course and controllability of the car. Never use tires of different types and the sizes on one car since it can also seriously affect controllability of the car. It is recommended to replace at the same time two tires on one bridge, and in case of replacement only of one tire make sure that they coincide by the size, structure and the drawing of protectors.

As pressure in tires significantly influences wear and controllability of the car, it should be checked in all tires at least once a month and before any long trip (see the Head Routine maintenance of the car).

Wheels should be replaced if they are bent, damaged, pass air or have other damages.

The balance of wheels and tires is important for management, braking and the correct operation of all car. Unbalanced wheels can adversely affect controllability and running characteristics of the car, also as well as service life of tires. Every time when replacing the tire on a wheel it is necessary to carry out balancing of wheels and tires in specially equipped workshop.