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11.1.1. General information

Here the steering mechanism with hydrostrengthening, with the circulating balls which operates forward wheels via the steering drive consisting of a steering bipod, the pendular lever, the central steering draft, couple of internal steering drafts and two tips of steering drafts is used.

At hydrostrengthening inclusion pressure from the pump operated by the engine directs liquid to the rack steering mechanism or the steering mechanism with the circulating ball - it improves controllability and reduces the effort necessary for driving.

The system of steering does not demand special leaving, except for check of level of liquid and in need of its dolivka in hydrostrengthening mechanism, and also check of a tension of a driving belt (where it is available, see the Head Routine maintenance of the car). However after long operation of the car hinges of tips of steering drafts, cardan hinges on both ends of a shaft of a steering column and the flexible coupling between a steering column and shaft of a steering column wear out and begin to lyuftit that leads to deterioration in controllability the car. In this case above-mentioned details should be replaced, they cannot be repaired.

Before to begin to work with system of steering, always check tires (see the Section the General information on wheels and tires) and pressure in tires (see the Head Routine maintenance of the car). Also check bearings in the top support of racks of a suspension bracket (see the Section Removal and installation of assembly of a rack of a forward suspension bracket), bearings of forward naves (see the Section Removal and installation of assembly of a forward nave and the bearing) and other details of a suspension bracket which can influence controllability of the car too.