9.1.5. Removal and installation of transmission

If the radio receiver on your car is equipped with system of protection against stealing, before shutdown of the battery be convinced that the correct code of activization is known. Before a detachment of a wire apply for information in the Section System of Protection of the Audio System from theft and language of an instrument guard.

If after connection of the battery on the display of the dashboard the message in other language appears, for the procedure of installation of language address the Section System of Protection of the Audio System from theft and language of an instrument guard.



  1. Disconnect a negative wire of the battery.
  2. Remove system of release (watch Chapter the Power supply system).
  3. Remove the driveshaft (watch Chapter the Transmission line).
  4. Disconnect draft of the mechanism of gear shifting (look the Section Removal and installation of the lever of the switch).
  5. Turn off bolts and remove arms of fastening of the case of the mechanism of gear shifting. Before it be convinced that draft of the mechanism is completely disconnected.
  6. Disconnect and remove the VMT sensor, the sensor of turns/situation and the switch of the reverse gear from transmission if are applied (watch the Head Sistem of ignition).
  7. Remove the working cylinder of coupling (watch the Head Stsepleniye). Do not disconnect a hydraulic hose of coupling. Fix the working cylinder by a wire.

Do not press a coupling pedal when the working cylinder is removed from transmission. If the pusher is squeezed out from the cylinder, then the working cylinder can be damaged.

  1. Support transmission by a jack for transmission or a roller jack and remove nuts of fastening of support.
  2. Carefully lower the transmission/engine assembled until they lay down on a cross-piece.

Never allow transmission to hang without support on an entrance shaft of transmission. Such loading will damage coupling and components of coupling.

  1. Remove bolts of fastening of transmission to the engine. Some bolts can have a head under a prutkovy key, the special prutkovy head is necessary for these bolts.
  2. Carefully separate transmission from the engine. Make sure that on an entrance shaft of transmission no loading is created. Lower a jack that there was enough place for extraction of transmission from under the car.



  1. Installation, generally back to removal. Do not forget to grease slightly with Microlube GL 261 lubricant or it a similar vent of an entrance shaft, then carefully install transmission on the engine.

Vents of an entrance shaft and vent of a clutch plate can not coincide; in this case for an insignificant provorachivaniye of a bent shaft turn a key a pulley of a bent shaft.

BMW recommends to grease vents of a clutch plate and an entrance shaft of transmission only with Microlube GL 261 lubricant. Otherwise the clutch plate can stick to an entrance shaft and gear shifting will be complicated. Microlube GL 261 can be acquired from dealers of BMW (BMW a part of No 81229407436).

If one of bolts of transmission has a head under a prutkovy key, do not forget to establish washers; installation of bolts without washers can lead to so dense contact of heads of blocks with a transmission case that they will be extremely difficult to be turned off.

  1. If from transmission oil was merged, after installation do not forget to fill in in it the correct oil.