9.2. Automatic Transmission (AT)

General information

Earlier models are equipped with the 3-staged automatic transmission (AT) of ZF 3 HP 22. On latest models 4-staged automatic transmission of ZF 4 HP 22 or ZF 4HP EH with electronic control is used.

In view of complexity of mechanisms of coupling and control systems of hydraulics, and also due to the need of use of special tools for capital repairs of AT, this work usually is not performed in a house garage. Therefore this Chapter included only the general descriptions of procedures of diagnostics of malfunctions, routine maintenance, adjustment, and also removal and installation of transmission.

If AT needs the general repair, its performance should be provided to specialists of dealer office of the BMW company or a workshop in repair of transmissions. For economy of means you can make removal and installation of transmission independently, however remember that the most part of tests on diagnostics of malfunctions demands that transmission was in the car.

If you decided to replace transmission on new or restored, at first make sure whether it suits your car. Identification шильдик transmissions is in the left part of a casing, directly behind the selector lever.