9.2.8. Diagnostics of malfunctions of automatic transmission

In view of complexity of a design of AT it will be difficult to average amateur mechanic to carry out enough precisely diagnostics of its refusals and recovery repair. In case of problems, excellent from listed below, the owner of the car should ask for the help experts of a workshop of car service. It is also not necessary to hurry with demontazhy faulty transmission, so the cook its many checks are made by in situ (on the regular place).

Symptom Possible reason
Leakages of ATF ATF usually has dark red color. It is not necessary to confuse traces of its leaks to those from motive oil - the last can communicate on a transmission case the running air stream.
For identification of a source of leak first of all it is necessary to clear a case of transmission and surfaces surrounding it of dirt and lubricant - use qualitative degreaser or execute steam cleaning of the unit. Make on the car a short trip with a low speed of the movement (that traces of leak did not communicate far from its source). The car also establish to Poddomkratta it on props. Examine a transmission case, visually revealing leakage sources of ATF. Most often act as those:
a) The transmission case pallet (see Chapters Routine maintenance of the car and the Automatic Transmission (AT));
b) A tube of a jellied mouth of ATF (see the Head the Automatic Transmission (AT);
c) Tubes of connection of transmission with a cooler of ATF and their unions (see the Head the Automatic Transmission (AT));
d) The speedometer sensor (see the Head the Automatic Transmission (AT)).
ATF gains brown color or smells of ashes ATF burned slightly and needs replacement. The probability of internal defects of transmission is not excluded (see Chapters Routine maintenance of the car and the Automatic Transmission (AT)).
There is no automatic switching of transmission to a low gear (Kick-Down mode) at full squeezing of the accelerator pedal Adjustment of a driving cable of inclusion of the Kick-Down mode is broken (see the Head the Automatic Transmission (AT)).
Common problems with the choice of transfers take place In the Head the Automatic Transmission (AT) procedures of check and adjustment of draft of gear shifting of AT are described. The most common problems which can be connected with draft adjustment violation are listed below:

a) The engine is started in the situation other than "P" or "N";

b) The provision of transmission highlighted on the display panel differs from actually chosen;

c) The car is set in motion at the transmission established in situation "P"; The Procedure of adjustment of draft of switching is described in the Head the Automatic Transmission (AT).

Transmission "comes off" the chosen situation, switches hardly or with noise, or does not provide progress of the car forward or back There is a set of the possible reasons listed refusals however only one of them - violation of the ATF level gets to the sphere of competence of the average amateur mechanic. Check, in case of need make having added / liquid replacement (see the Head Routine maintenance of the car). In all other cases the car should be driven away for diagnostics and recovery repair / replacement of transmission in a workshop of car service