10:12. Replacement of an epiploon of a gear wheel


  1. Back of the car and reliably establish to Poddomkratta it on axial support.
  2. Remove a differential casing (cm the Section Removal and installation of a casing of differential).
  1. Apply with paint or a scraper of a tag of combination (are specified by shooters) on a flange, a shaft of a gear wheel and a nut of a shaft of a gear wheel to provide the correct assembly.
  1. Remove a lock plate, then record an entrance flange in an immovability and give a flange nut.
  2. By means of a stripper remove an entrance flange.

If in a shaft of a gear wheel the flute in the place of its contact with an old epiploon rushed, consult about further actions at the qualified specialist. The new plug of a shaft of a gear wheel can be also required.

  1. Take an old epiploon the special tool or the big screw-driver. Make sure that you did not scratch an epiploon nest.
  2. Lower a new epiploon in lubricant liquid of differential. Establish it into place, sponges inside, by means of a big replaceable head or a piece of a pipe.
  3. Slightly grease an entrance shaft and a napressuyta on it an entrance flange, but do not try to put him against the stop. Screw a nut of a flange and by means of a dynamometer key slowly tighten it, noticing effort at which tags are combined - it has to be close to specified in the Size table and adjusting data. If the effort necessary for combination of tags, is a little less demanded, then it is possible that the plug of a shaft of a gear wheel needs replacement. Since this work demands special tools and the corresponding experience, it is better to provide it to specialists of dealer office of the BMW service or auto repair shop.
  4. If the required effort is reached earlier, than tags were combined, do not continue to tighten a nut before their combination.

Do not tighten a nut after combination of tags and back, т.к it will lead to a gear wheel shaft plug perezhimaniye.