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10.2. Removal and installation of the driveshaft



  1. Block forward wheels, then a back of the car and reliably establish to a poddomkratta it on axial support. Remove system of production of the fulfilled gases (see the Head Sistem of production of the fulfilled gases). Remove a heat-resistant guard of system of release.
  2. At the sliding coupling weaken the tightening plug (if it is provided) on several turns, but do not remove it.
  3. Latest models are not equipped with the tightening plug. Apply with paint, a center punch or a chertilka combination tags on a flange of transmission and the elastic coupling (or the forward cardan hinge on some models), and also on the back cardan hinge and an entrance flange of differential that at assembly to have a possibility of installation of transmission in former situation...

... and also on the back cardan hinge and an entrance flange of differential

  1. Give bolts and nuts of fastening of the elastic coupling (see an illustration) or the cardan hinge (see an illustration) to an output flange of transmission. Do not separate the driveshaft from a flange yet.
  1. On models with CV JOINTS at first use a suitable jack to prop up transmission. Release fixing nuts and bolts of a back support of transmission (see the Head the Manual Box of Gear Shifting (MBGS)), then move a support back and give six nuts and bolts of fastening of the CV JOINT to a transmission support. Give nuts and bolts on a back flange of the driveshaft (see an illustration above).
  1. Prop up the driveshaft at the central bearing and give bolts (are specified by shooters) on assembly of the bearing
  1. Incline the driveshaft at the central bearing down, then remove it from the centering finger on a transmission flange - remove as well the shlitsevy coupling if more place is required, but do not divide driveshaft section.

On models with a quencher of vibrations turn assembly of a quencher under 60 ° before removal it from the centering finger on a transmission flange.

  1. If you are going to clean the shlitsevy coupling or to replace the rubber plug, mark both sections of the driveshaft before separating the coupling. After cleaning of shlits before assembly grease their disulfide - molybdenum lubricant. If you divided driveshaft sections, without having marked them, collect the shlitsevy coupling so that cardan hinges appeared in one plane. If after installation the driveshaft vibrates, so you installed it to section incorrectly. In this case it is necessary to remove the driveshaft, to divide it in the place of the shlitsevy coupling and to turn one section on 180 ° before installation.


Installation in the basic repeats the procedure of removal upside-down. However it is necessary to pay attention to the listed below moments.


  1. Apply a thin film a disulfide - molybdenum lubricant on the centering finger on a transmission flange.
  2. Place the driveshaft at first opposite to an entrance flange of differential, get it on the centering finger on a transmission flange, then place the central bearing opposite to a finger and freely screw fixing bolts. Where CV JOINTS are installed, make sure that laying is about the working condition, otherwise make replacement. Combine the tags applied in the course of dismantle on a flange of the back cardan hinge and an entrance flange of differential. Establish back section of the driveshaft in an entrance flange of differential by means of NEW samokontryashchikhsya of nuts and tighten these nuts with the required effort.

Do not reuse самоконтрящиеся a nut.

  1. Combine the tags applied at dismantle on a forward part of the driveshaft and connect the elastic coupling, the cardan hinge or the CV JOINT to an output in bulk of transmission by means of new samokontryashchikhsya of nuts. Tighten bolts with the required effort.

Here various classes of bolts which drag on with different efforts are used; the class of a bolt is designated on its head.

To avoid overloads of the elastic coupling during tightening of bolts, hold a bolt a key and tighten a nut on the party of a flange.

It will be easier to install bolts on the elastic coupling if to wind around it a big hose collar and slightly to tighten it, having squeezed the coupling.

  1. Make a pretightness of the central bearing, having advanced it on 4 ÷ 6 mm (for driveshafts with the sliding central element) or on 2 ÷ 4 mm (for shaft without the sliding element) from its not tightened situation, then tighten fixing bolts with the required effort.
  1. On models with the CV JOINT remove a back arm of transmission forward and tighten fixing bolts. Remove a jack from under transmission.
  2. Tighten the tightening plug on the shlitsevy coupling.
  3. You make the rest of the procedure of installation as it should be, the return to removal.