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10.5. Check and replacement of cardan hinges


Wear of cardan hinges is followed by emergence vibration in transmission, noise during dispersal and a sharp metal gnash at disintegration of bearings.

It is easy to check cardan hinges for wear without removal of the driveshaft. For check of the back cardan hinge try to rotate a shaft, at the same time holding a transmission flange. The side play between the driveshaft and forward or back flanges indicates excessive wear.

If the driveshaft is already removed from the car, cardan hinges can be checked, holding a shaft in one hand and turning the holder of a crosspiece or a flange another. If the axial side play is swept up, replace the driveshaft.


Cardan hinges cannot be repaired in house conditions. Therefore in case of wear the driveshaft and hinges should be replaced assembled.

It is sometimes possible to exchange the driveshaft on restored - consult at specialists of car service.

The procedure of removal and installation of the driveshaft is described in the Section Removal and installation of the driveshaft.