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10.7. Replacement of the hinge of equal angular speeds of the driveshaft

The Hinge of Equal Angular Speeds (HEAS) on a forward part of the driveshaft of some models fastens bolts directly to a transmission flange. Replacement demands it removal of the driveshaft. Do not forget to replace collars, lock rings, protective covers, laying and boots.


  1. Remove the driveshaft (see the Section Removal and installation of the driveshaft).
  2. Remove a cover clip from a back part of the CV JOINT.
  3. In a forward part of the hinge remove a lock ring which fixes the CV JOINT to a shaft. Remove the hinge from a shaft by means of a suitable stripper (the hinge is fastened to shaft the special blocking structure applied on a carving) therefore it is difficult to remove it without the aid of a stripper.
  4. Give fixing bolts of the hinge. A coat hanger of heads of bolts is knurled therefore it is necessary to beat out bolts from the hinge.
  5. Fill the new CV JOINT in 80 grams of special lubricant. Push lubricant in a holder.

In order to avoid loss of balls do not shake an internal holder of the CV JOINT during stuffing.

  1. Establish new laying and a boot.
  2. Establish bolts and holders in connecting openings. Clean vents of the driveshaft and apply on them a little blocking sealant.
  3. Establish a protective cover on a shaft. Install the hinge and begin to knock it by means of wooden whetstone.
  4. Establish a new lock ring on a shaft and a new clip on a protective cover.
  5. Install the driveshaft (see the Section Removal and installation of the driveshaft).