10.6. Check and replacement with the forward centering guide


The forward centering guide guarantees unambiguity of installation of the driveshaft in relation to a transmission flange. A guide which a vpressovana to the canal in a forward part of the driveshaft, enters connection with the directing finger on a transmission flange. Wear of the centering guide leads to emergence of vibrations of a forward part of the driveshaft.

Sectional view of the centering guide (it is specified by an arrow).

For check of the centering guide give nuts and bolts of fastening of the elastic coupling to a transmission flange, grasp the forward end of the driveshaft and try to move it up and down, and also in the parties. The shaft has to sit densely on a transmission flange finger. If there is a noticeable side play, replace a shaft.

Some driveshafts are equipped with the dustproof cover since the forward end which is put on over the centering guide. This cover can be bent or deformed during removal of a shaft. Damage of a cover does not exert impact on work as the centering guide - it is not necessary to confuse defect of a cover to wear of the guide.



  1. Remove the driveshaft (see the Section Removal and installation of the driveshaft).
  2. Fill the channel behind the centering directing dense lubricant so that lubricant was at the level of bottom edge of a guide. Insert in directing a metal core of suitable diameter (about 14 mm), cover a guide with a piece of rags and knock on a core with the hammer (do not try to use a core of smaller diameter - it will not work; lubricant will be squeezed out from sides). Increase in hydraulic pressure of lubricant at immersion of a core in it leads to expression of the centering guide from the driveshaft.
  1. Grease the new centering guide a disulfide - molybdenum lubricant and press it in the driveshaft. Make sure that the isolating sponge of a guide comes out over a shaft surface approximately on 4.5 mm (size A).
  1. Install the driveshaft (see the Section Removal and installation of the driveshaft).