10.4. Check and replacement of the central bearing


The central bearing consists of the assembly of the ball-bearing surrounded with a rubber pillow. Assembly of the bearing of a napressovan but the back end of forward section of the driveshaft is also fixed by a lock ring the Central bearing on both sides is protected by dustproof caps, but water and dirt nevertheless can get to the bearing and destroy it. Vibrations of the driveshaft can also lead to a bearing exit out of operation. Carefully to examine the central bearing, it is necessary to remove the driveshaft (see the Section Removal and installation of the driveshaft). To the contrary, every time, removing the driveshaft for any reason, use an opportunity to examine the bearing. Turn the bearing and check, how freely it rotates. If the bearing is turned hardly, or there is a feeling that sand inside got, make replacement. Examine also rubber pillow. If it cracked or wore out, replace it.



  1. Apply landing tags on forward and back sections of the driveshaft.
  2. Give screws and remove the tightening plug, then separate driveshaft sections. Remove the rubber plug, a washer and the tightening plug from forward section of the driveshaft.
  3. Check a condition of the rubber plug of the shlitsevy coupling. If it is torn or cracked, replace it.
  4. Remove a lock ring of the central bearing and a boot.
1 — the Lock ring
2 — the Boot
  1. By means of a stripper remove assembly of the bearing.
  1. At installation of a stripper on assembly of the central bearing make sure that it pulls together a nave; if it pulls for an external ring of assembly, it can lead to a rupture of rubber then it is necessary to replace all assembly of the bearing.
  1. If it is required to replace the bearing or a support, assembly should be referred in a workshop of car service since dismantling and assembly of the bearing and a support requires a press.
  2. Make sure that the boot still is on cardan to a shaft, then a napressuyta assembly of the central support on a shaft so that it appeared aflush with a boot.
  3. On models with the driveshaft equipped with shlitsevy sections install the tightening plug, a washer and the rubber plug on forward section of a shaft. Grease vents a disulfide - molybdenum lubricant, then collect the driveshaft. Track correctness of combination of tags. Do not tighten the tightening plug until finalize the driveshaft.
  4. Install the driveshaft (see the Section Removal and installation of the driveshaft).
  5. On models with the driveshaft without shlitsevy sections apply the special blocking structure on a carving of a fixing bolt of the holder of a crosspiece of the driveshaft, then tighten a bolt with the required effort.
  6. On models with the shlitsevy driveshaft tighten the tightening plug with the required effort.