4.10. General information about the carburetor

Early models are equipped with the Solex 2B4 carburetor, and later models are equipped with the Solex 2BE carburetor. Both carburetors are two-chamber with the falling stream. The first camera is operated mechanically an accelerator pedal, and the second has vacuum management.

Each camera has the separate float-operated camera, a float and the needle valve intended for reduction of influence of braking and centrifugal forces.

On model 2B4 the air valve of the first step is operated automatically (a bimetallic spring with electric heating) at warming up of the engine. Enrichment of mix at warming up is also provided with the thermal valve operated depending on cooler temperature, and thermooperated by the valve of an air stream.

On model 2 automatic control of carburetor parameters at warming up and normal working temperature of the engine is carried out by an electronic control unit. The control unit is located under the dashboard on the right side.