4.4. Removal and installation of the fuel pump, intermediate pump and fuel level sensor

Fuel is extremely flammable therefore working with any part of fuel system, observe additional precautionary measures. You do not smoke, do not allow emergence near a working zone of naked flame or a lamp without plafond. Also do not work in a garage where the equipment on natural gas with a match is used.

Fuel pump (carburetor engines)


  1. Disconnect a negative wire of the rechargeable battery. Disconnect both hoses from the pump and turn off and remove two fixing nuts.
  1. Carefully take the fuel pump from a head of cylinders. If jams it, then it is possible to strike with wooden whetstone a thick pro-rate slightly.
  2. Remove two thin laying.
  3. The fuel pump is pressurized and replacement of internal components is impossible. In case of internal breakage the pump is replaced.
  4. Installation back to the procedure of removal, however, replace thin laying on both sides of a pro-rate. and evenly tighten with specified in the Size table and adjusting data at the end of the Management of effort of a nut. Under no circumstances do not change pro-rate thickness, otherwise operation of the pump will be broken.

The fuel pump (engines with system of injection)

On late models with the Motronic system the fuel pump is located in the fuel tank or near the fuel tank on models with the L-Jetronic system. Early models are also equipped with the intermediate pump located in the fuel tank. The intermediate pump feeds more powerful main pump which provides the high pressure demanded for the correct work of fuel system.

On early models in the fuel tank together with the intermediate pump the fuel level sensor, and on late models - together with the main fuel pump is located.


  1. Take off pressure (watch the Section Removal of Pressure in system of injection of fuel) in fuel system and for removal of pressure in the fuel tank turn off a mouth cover.
  2. Disconnect a negative wire of the rechargeable battery.

If the radio receiver on your car is equipped with system of protection against stealing, before shutdown of the battery be convinced that the correct code of activization is known. Before a detachment of a wire apply for information to the Section System of Protection of the Audio System from theft and language of an instrument guard.

If after connection of the battery on the display of the dashboard the message in other language appears, address for the procedure of installation of language the Section System of Protection of the Audio System from theft and language of an instrument guard.

Outwardly the located fuel pump


  1. Lift the car and install it on supports.
  1. Remove two rubber covers (are specified by shooters) protecting sockets of the fuel pump, and disconnect cables from the pump.
  1. By means of clips for hoses press fuel hoses on both sides of the fuel pump. If there are no clips, wrap up hoses rags and clamp them замостопорящимися flat-nose pliers, having tightened them so to block a fuel effluence.
  2. Disconnect hoses from the fuel pump.
  3. Remove screws of fastening of the fuel pump and take the pump from under the car.
  4. Installation back to the procedure of removal.

The fuel or intermediate pump located in a tank

On some models access to the fuel pump is provided with removal of a back seat. On other models access is reached by removal in the luggage compartment of a rug.


  1. Unscrew screws of a cover of the fuel pump (are specified by shooters) and uncover a car floor (on some models the fuel pump is located under a back seat, on others - in the luggage compartment).
  1. Uncover.
  1. Find electric sockets of the fuel pump (1) and the fuel level sensor (2) and their otstykuyta.
  1. For an otstykovyvaniye of the socket pick up a bracket that the ledge was combined with a groove, and remove the socket from knot
  1. Also disconnect entrance and output fuel lines.
  1. On models with the lock from under ledges use two screw-drivers to a knot reversing
  1. On fastening models nuts for removal of knot from the fuel tank turn off nuts (are specified by shooters)
  1. On the late Motronic models first of all remove the fuel level sensor...

... then up directly take the fuel pump from a tank bottom (keep all fuel lines together)

General view of knot of the fuel pump on the late Motronic systems.
  1. On early models remove screws and collars of fastening of the intermediate pump and separate the pump from knot.
  2. Installation back to removal. If laying between the fuel pump and the fuel tank dried, is burst or damaged, replace it.

Check of functioning and replacement of the fuel level sensor


  1. Remove the main fuel pump or the intermediate pump (as it is described above) together with the fuel level sensor.
  2. Connect an ohmmeter to contacts and check correctness of resistance.
  1. For the L-Jetronic systems and the early Motronic models address the table below.
  1. In case of late models of the Motronic systems connect an ohmmeter to contacts of the fuel level sensor, the corresponding contacts of 1 and 3 electric sockets. When raising a plunger resistance has to decrease.

L-Jetronic systems and early Motronic

Contact Provision of a float Resistance
G and 31

Slowly move from position of EMTY (Empty) to position of FULL (Full)

EMPTY (Empty)
FULL (Full)
Resistance slowly falls
W and 31 EMPTY (Empty) (Warning of small amount of fuel) 3.2 ±0.7 Ohms
71.7 ±2.3 Ohms
  1. If sizes of resistance wrong, replace the sensor.
  2. Installation back to removal.