4.8. Removal and installation of the air cleaner

Disconnect a negative wire of the rechargeable battery.

If the radio receiver on your car is equipped with system of protection against stealing, before shutdown of the battery be convinced that the correct code of activization is known. Before shutdown of a wire apply for information in the Section System of Protection of the Audio System from theft and language of an instrument guard.

If after connection of the battery on the display of the dashboard the message in other language appears, for the procedure of installation of language address the Section System of Protection of the Audio System from theft and language of an instrument guard.

Carburetor engines


  1. Unhook spring clips, then turn off the central nut and uncover.
  1. Take the filtering element and wipe the case of the air cleaner and a cover.
  1. For removal of the case first of all disconnect an inlet air duct (1) and a hose of the warmed-up air (2).
  1. Disconnect the vacuum line on the carburetor.
  1. Turn off four nuts of fastening of the air cleaner to the carburetor and remove a metal ring.
  1. Turn off a nut of an arm of fastening of the air cleaner (it is shown by an arrow).
  1. Remove the air cleaner from the carburetor and disconnect a hose of ventilation of a case.
  1. If necessary pick up a sealing ring at the bottom of the air cleaner.
  1. Installation back to removal, however, combine an arrow on a cover with an arrow on an inlet air duct.

Engines with fuel injection


  1. Disconnect an inlet air duct from a forward part of the air cleaner.
  2. Disconnect an air duct between the air cleaner and the case of a throttle.
  3. Remove the air filter (watch Chapter Routine maintenance of the car).
  4. Disconnect the electric socket from the measuring instrument of an air stream (look the Section Cleaning and adjustment of the carburetor).
  1. Remove two nuts (are shown by shooters) fastenings of the air cleaner and take the air cleaner from a motive compartment (the Motronic system is shown).
  1. Installation back to removal. Make sure that air ducts are reliably fixed, otherwise there can be an air leak.