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4.15. Check of functioning of system of injection of fuel

Fuel is extremely flammable therefore take additional precautionary measures during the work with any part of fuel system. You do not smoke and do not allow emergence near a working zone of naked flame and lamps without plafonds. Do not work in a garage with the equipment on natural gas (like heaters of water or dryers of clothes) with a match. At hit of fuel on skin immediately wash away it water and soap. When performing any work with fuel system use goggles and you keep in readiness the fire extinguisher.


  1. Check connection of wires of the case. Check all sockets of cables which are connected with system. The weakened sockets and bad connections with the case can cause many problems which will result in more serious malfunctions.
  2. Make sure that the rechargeable battery is completely charged as for the correct dispensing of fuel the control unit and sensors need uninterrupted power supply.
  3. Check the filtering element of the air filter - the polluted or partially corked filter strongly worsens work and profitability (watch Chapter Routine maintenance of the car).
  4. If the fused safety lock is found, replace it and check whether it fused again. If yes, that look for the wire short-circuited on the case in the cable connected with system.
  5. Check existence of leaks in an admission air duct from the air stream measuring instrument to the inlet pipeline. Also check a condition of vacuum hoses, suitable to the inlet pipeline.
  6. Disconnect an air duct of an admission from the throttle case and check availability in it of dirt, a deposit and other osazhdeniye. In case of pollution clear it means for cleaning of the carburetor and a toothbrush.
  1. On the working engine touch in turn each injector with the screw-driver or a stethoscope and listen to existence of the clicks indicating functioning.
  1. Check pressure in fuel system (watch the Section Check of Pressure of Fuel / Fuel of the pump).
  2. If these checks do not allow to find malfunction, send the car to the dealer of BMW who on the special equipment will be able to read ECU codes of malfunctions from memory.