12:14. Check and adjustment of the switch of a stoplight

The switch of a stoplight should be checked, and if necessary to adjust after replacement or removal of the main cylinder or the vacuum amplifier.

The switch is located on an arm in the top part of a pedal of a brake. It includes a stoplight every time when pressing a pedal.


  1. With the pedal of a brake which is in non-working situation measure distance between a point of contact of the switch with a pedal of a brake and the case of the switch, then compare the received value to the size A specified in the Size table and adjusting data at the end of the Management. To adjust the stoplight switch, release lock-nuts (1) and screw in or unscrew the switch (2) before achievement of the required size of distance And.
  1. If the measurement received by you does not coincide with specified, disconnect conducting from the switch. Release lock-nuts, then screw in or unscrew the switch before coincidence to the necessary size and tighten lock-nuts. Connect conducting and check operation of the switch.