12.4. Removal, capital repairs and installation of a support of the disk brake mechanism

Components of assembly of a support of the brake mechanism of back wheels (for forward wheels the same)

1 — Assembly of a support
2 — the Bolt of fastening of a bracket
3 — the pumping Valve
4 — the Dustproof cap
5 — Protivovizgovaya a spring
6 — the Directing bolt
7 — the Wire of an alarm lamp of the sensor of wear of brake shoes
8 — a cable Clip
9 — the Brake disk
10 — the Bolt with an internal hexagon
11 — the Board

12 — the Bolt
13 — the Washer
14 — the Cap
15 — the Cap
16 — a support Bracket
17 — a cable Clip
18 — a piston Cuff, the piston, a dustproof cover and a lock ring
19 — Set for repair of the directing plug
20 — Brake shoes

The dust created by the brake system may contain the asbestos harmful to your health. Never delete it by means of compressed air and do not inhale it. During the work with brakes it is necessary to put on the special filtering mask. Never, under no circumstances, use solvents on the basis of gasoline for washing of details of brakes. Use only a cleaner of the brake system!

Brake fluid is poisonous. It also strongly dissolves paint. See the Prevention at the beginning of the Section Pumping of Hydraulic System of Brakes.

If there was a need of capital repairs (usually owing to liquid leak), before work investigate all parameters of system. In many shops of auto parts it is possible to get the repaired supports on the basis of exchange that will significantly facilitate to you work. If all of you decided to repair supports, before work make sure that at your disposal there is a special set for repair. Always repair supports in couple - never do it with one them them.



  1. Release bolts of fastening of wheels, a front or a back of the car and reliably establish to a poddomkratta it on axial support. Remove a wheel.
  2. If you remove a support only to provide access to other components, there is no need to disconnect the brake line. If you remove a support for the purpose of its capital repairs, disconnect the brake line from a support, it is desirable using a special cap (brake) wrench not to damage fittings. Stop up a tube to prevent pollution of the brake system and leak of brake fluid.
  3. Following instructions in the Section Replacement of Blocks of Disk Brake Mechanisms, remove a support - it is a part of the procedure of replacement of brake shoes.

The support of the brake mechanism of back wheels has the design similar to a design of a support of the brake mechanism of forward wheels.

Capital repairs


  1. On all supports remove a lock ring of a dustproof cover, then remove a dustproof cover. Before taking the piston, place wooden whetstone between the piston and a support to protect them from damages at extraction.
  1. To take the piston from a support, give compressed air to the place of accession of a brake hose on the support case. Use only low pressure, for example, from the foot pump, for extraction of the piston from the cylinder.

Be careful, you watch that your fingers did not get between the piston and a support since the piston can leave with significant force.

  1. Survey the surfaces of the piston and a wall of the cylinder of a support. If there are any scratches, cavities, a rust or light spots, completely replace support knot.
  1. If these components in good shape, take a piston cuff from the support cylinder by means of the wooden or plastic tool. The metal tool can damage the surface of the cylinder.
  1. Remove the directing fingers or bolts of a support and then rubber dustproof covers.
  2. Wash out all components in methyl alcohol or in a cleaner of the brake system.
  3. By means of special set for repair from your car sort a support as it is described below.
  4. Lower a new rubber cuff in pure brake fluid and install it in the lower flute in the support cylinder, having made sure that it is not overwound.
  5. On all supports, apply on walls of the cylinder and on the piston pure brake fluid and at once install the piston into place. You do not press strongly on the piston at installation, at first make sure that it correctly rose into place, and then it is firm, but is not strong, press it against the stop. Establish a new dustproof cover and a lock ring.
  6. Grease the sliding surfaces of the directing fingers or bolts with lubricant on the basis of silicone (it usually is available in set), establish them in a support. Establish dustproof covers.



  1. Installation repeats the procedure of removal upside-down (see the Section Replacement of Blocks of Disk Brake Mechanisms).
  2. If the brake hose was disconnected from a support, pump over the brake system (see the Section Pumping of Hydraulic System of Brakes).