12.8. Check of a state, removal and installation of the vacuum amplifier of brakes

Components of assembly of a pusher of the typical vacuum amplifier

1 — the Protective cover
2 — the Holder
3 — the Shock-absorber
4 — the Air filter

Work check


  1. At the switched-off engine squeeze out several times a brake pedal, its course is not stabilized yet.
  2. Squeeze out a pedal and you hold it, then start the engine. If the pedal at the same time slightly fell, so everything normally.

Tightness check


  1. Start the engine, and in one-two minutes switch off it. Slowly squeeze out a brake pedal several times. If for the first time the pedal goes far down, and then, by the second and third pressing, gradually rises, so the vacuum amplifier is tight.
  2. Squeeze out a brake pedal at the working engine, then stop the engine, without releasing a pedal. If after deduction of a pedal in the squeezed-out situation within 30 seconds its course did not change, so the vacuum amplifier is tight.

Removal and installation


  1. Dismantle of the vacuum amplifier demands special tools and cannot be made by the house mechanic. If the arisen problem continues to disturb you, it is recommended to replace the block completely.
  2. Remove the main cylinder as it is described in the Section Removal and installation of the main brake cylinder.
  3. Disconnect a vacuum hose from the vacuum amplifier of brakes.
  4. Working in a passenger compartment, take a ware box and lower covering panels on the left side.
  1. Remove a collar and a pin of a fork to disconnect a pusher from the lever of a cross shaft (for models with right-hand management) or brake pedals (for models with left-side management). On models with left-side management also disconnect a returnable spring of a pedal of a brake.
  1. Give four fixing nuts and take the block of the vacuum amplifier from a motive compartment.
  1. Survey the small filter in a protective cover on a pusher. If it is littered, it can influence operation of the vacuum amplifier. For cleaning of the filter wash out it in soft soap solution. If it nevertheless is not cleared, replace it.
  2. Installation repeats the procedure of removal upside-down. Tighten fixing nuts of the vacuum amplifier of brakes with the required effort. Before installing a protective cover on the air filter of a pusher of the amplifier, make sure that notches on the filter are located under 180 degrees to notches on the shock-absorber.

On models with right-hand management the pedal of a brake is on the right side of the car and connects to the left side by means of a cross shaft. Adjustment is made on a pusher on the left side, but the given size is measured on a pedal on the right side.

  1. Adjust height of a pedal of a brake and the switch of a stoplight (see the Section Adjustment of a Pedal of a Brake).
  2. Install the main cylinder (see the Section Removal and installation of the main brake cylinder) and attach the vacuum pump.
  3. Carefully check work of brakes before normal operation of the car.