13.14.4. Care of an internal upholstery and rugs

Doormats and rugs should be brushed or vacuumed regularly for the purpose of removal from them of sand and dust. In case of strong pollution take them from the car, properly scrape out and carry out damp cleaning by a sponge; before laying on the places in salon carefully dry them. Cleaning of an upholstery of seats and panels of an internal covering of salon should be made by wiping by a damp rag. At emergence of the fatty spots especially noticeable on a light upholstery, carefully jam spots a soft brush for nails with use of liquid detergent. Do not forget in the same ways to maintain purity of a ceiling upholstery. When using liquid detergents in salon not to a pereuvlazhnyayta the cleared surface.

Hit of moisture in seams and material of stuffing can cause emergence of spots, an unpleasant smell, and even to lead to rotting.

At casual hit in salon of excess of moisture it is not necessary to feel sorry for time and forces for careful drying, in particular if the salon is equipped with rugs. Do not leave in salon for its drying electric heaters at all.