2.2.13. Removal of a bent shaft

The bent shaft can be removed only after removal of the engine from the car. It is supposed that the flywheel or a driving disk, a damper of tortional fluctuations, a chain or a belt of gas distribution, the pallet, the oil pump and pistons/rods are assembled already removed. Before removal of a bent shaft it is necessary to turn off bolts and to remove the case of a back epiploon.


  1. Before removal of a bent shaft check an axial side play. Install the dial indicator so that its rod was parallel to a bent shaft and concerned its end face or one of crank covers.
  1. Shift a bent shaft back against the stop and nullify the indicator. Then shift a bent shaft against the stop forward and take readings of the indicator. The axial side play makes that distance on which the bent shaft moved. If it exceeds the maximum axial side play given in the Size table and adjusting data at the end of the Management, then check wear of persistent surfaces of a bent shaft. If wear is not found, then new radical bearings will correct a situation.
  2. If the dial indicator is inaccessible, it is possible to use probes. Find the radical bearing with flanges from one of the parties which is called the "persistent" radical bearing (watch the Section Installation of a Bent Shaft and Check of Lubricant Gaps of Radical Bearings, item 2). Accurately pick up or shift a bent shaft forward against the stop. For definition of a gap insert probes between a bent shaft and the forward surface of the persistent radical bearing.
  3. Check existence of markings of an arrangement on covers of radical bearings. They have to be consistently numbered from a forward part of the engine to back. If is not present, then mark them in figures by means of chekan or a center punch. Covers of radical bearings usually have the cast arrows indicating an engine front. Moving from edge of the engine to the center weaken step by step on a quarter of a turn bolts of fastening of covers of radical bearings that they could be turned off a hand. If hairpins are applied, then at installation of a bent shaft provide their subsequent installation on former places.
  1. Slightly strike a cover with the hammer with an elastic head, then separate them from the block of cylinders. If necessary for office of covers use bolts as levers. Try not to drop inserts of bearings if they are removed together with covers.
  1. Carefully take a bent shaft from the engine, having lifted it up. It can be expedient to invite the assistant as a bent shaft rather heavy. Having installed inserts of bearings in the block of cylinders and a cover of radical bearings, return covers on their appropriate places on the block and a hand tighten bolts.