2.2.17. Honingovaniye of cylinders

Before assembly of the engine cylinders need to be otkhoningovat that piston rings sat down properly and provided the best possible tightness of the combustion chamber.

If you have not enough tools or you do not want to be engaged in a honingovaniye, the majority of mechanical workshops for reasonable price will make this work.


  1. Before a honingovaniye of cylinders establish covers of radical bearings and tighten bolts with the effort given in the Size table and adjusting data at the end of the Management.
  2. Two types of khans are usually available: flexible хон or like "a brush for bottles" and the most widespread grinding хон with the sprung abrasive stones. Both types of khans are suitable for this work, however, for less skilled mechanic хон like "a brush for bottles", perhaps, will be easier to use. Also several liters of kerosene or oil for a honingovaniye, rags and an electric drill will be required. Act as follows.
  1. Establish хон in a drill, squeeze stones in one bunch and insert a bunch into the first cylinder. Do not forget to put on goggles or a mask.
  1. Grease the cylinder with enough oil for a honingovaniye, include a drill and move the khan up and down so that on a wall of the cylinder the thin network of the crossed lines was formed. It is ideal if lines of a grid are crossed at an angle approximately in 60 °. Make sure that lubricant is enough and do not remove material more, than it it is necessary for receiving the required surface.

Manufacturers of piston rings can establish the smaller angle of crossing of a grid, than usual 60 ° - read and follow the instructions attached to new rings.

  1. Do not take хон at its rotation from the cylinder. On the contrary, switch off a drill and continue to move the khan up and down to its full stop, then squeeze stones in one bunch and take хон. If it is used хон like "a brush for bottles", then switch off a drill and, taking хон from the cylinder, rotate a cartridge in the normal direction.
  2. Remove oil from the cylinder and repeat operation for other cylinders.
  3. After end of a honingovaniye a small file chamfer at the upper edges cylinders that did not jam piston rings at installation. Be very careful that the end of a file not to scratch a wall of cylinders.
  4. All block of cylinders needs to be washed up again very carefully warm, soap water to remove the abrasive sand formed at a honingovaniye.

Cylinders can be considered pure when white, not leaving fibers, the fabric moistened with pure motive oil with which wipe the cylinder, does not collect more remains of the sand leaving gray spots on fabric. Do not forget to clean a brush all openings and channels of oil pipelines and to wash out them flowing water.