2.2.27. Start and a running in of the engine after capital repairs

At the first start of the engine you keep in readiness the fire extinguisher.


  1. After installation of the engine attentively check levels of oil and a cooler for the car.
  2. At the removed spark plugs and the disconnected system of ignition (watch the Section Check of Extent of Compression) turn the engine a starter until the measuring instrument of pressure of oil shows normal pressure or until the lamp of control of pressure of oil goes out.
  3. Establish spark plugs, attach high-voltage wires and connect system of ignition (watch the Section Check of Extent of Compression).
  4. Start the engine. Several seconds can be required until in fuel system pressure is created, however, the engine has to be started with little effort.

If in the case of a throttle or the carburetor there are backfires, check the gas distribution installation moment (correctness of installation of a chain / belt of gas distribution), an ignition order (an order of connection of high-voltage wires to spark plugs) and the moment of installation of ignition.

  1. After start the engine has to get warm up to the normal working temperature. During warming up you watch closely leak of fuel, oil and cooler.
  2. Kill the engine and check levels of motive oil and a cooler.
  3. On the road with not intensive engine on completely open throttle accelerate the car from the speed of 55 km/h to 90 km/h, then completely close a throttle and allow the car to reduce with the closed throttle speed to 55 km/h. Repeat the procedure from 10 to 12 times. It will create load of piston rings and will allow them to be established correctly concerning walls of cylinders. Again check levels of oil and a cooler.
  4. You drive the car the first 900 km accurately (without big speeds a long time) and constantly check oil level. Usually the engine in the period of a running in has the raised oil consumption.
  5. After, about, 900 - 1100 km replace oil and the filter.
  6. During the subsequent 900 km operate the car usually - do not protect, but also do not overload.
  7. Later 3600 km replace oil and the filter again. Now the engine can be considered completely rolled.