2.2.7. An order of dismantling of the engine at capital repairs

It is significantly simpler to disassemble the engine and to work with it at the portable stand. Often the stand can be leased cheap in bureau of hire of tools. Before installation of the engine it is necessary to shoot with the stand a flywheel / a drive plate.

If the stand is inaccessible, then the engine can be disassembled, having established it on a floor on wooden whetstones. Be especially careful not to incline it or not to drop, working without stand.

If you are going to buy the restored engine, then all components provided below have to be removed first of all to install them on the new engine if it is required. It also concerns a case of independent capital repairs of the engine.

At removal from the engine of hinged components pay special attention to details which can be useful or important at the subsequent assembly. Remember the provision of laying, epiploons, pro-rates, pins, arms, washers, bolts and other small elements.

Left arm of fastening of the M40 engine.

If small set with the block of cylinders is acquired, consists from collected the block, a bent shaft, pistons and rods, then it is also necessary to rearrange a head of cylinders, the pallet and the oil pump. Apply for additional information on different possible options to the Section Options of capital repairs of the engine.

If complete capital repairs are planned, then the engine has to be disassembled and internal components should be removed in the following general sequence:

Before dismantling and operations on capital repairs be convinced of availability of the following tools and accessories. Also address the Section Engine Balance of Assembly at capital repairs for the list of the tools and materials necessary for assembly of the engine.